User Roles, Storylines, Storyline Process

User Roles

Colonists are new users who may only view and read Storylines.

Wordsmiths are users who have access to contribute thoughts and ideas in the discussion areas of the site and participate in Storylines with other Wordsmiths and Story Coordinators. A Wordsmith may become a Story Coordinator by submitting an an idea and story summary (a premise) and having it accepted. Premises should be sent through the Founder Request Form for consideration through the editorial review process. If the proposed Storyline is accepted for development the Wordsmith role will change to Story Coordinator. Wordsmith and Story Coordinators may use this form to submit premises.

Story Coordinators are the primary writers and manager/editor(s) of Storylines they create. Wordsmiths who wish to contribute to an Storyline may be asked by a Story Coordinator to participate or make a request to a Story Coordinator to join an ongoing Storyline.

Overlord/Regent(s) are the site administrators who have access to the inner workings of the site and are the final decision makers for changes to the Canon and other static pages.


Storylines are the stories of Appogian adventures you see under the Age Sections (First Age, Second Age. etc.). They are created by Story Coordinators and thats where Wordsmiths and Story Coordinators interact.  A Storyline proposal may be submitted by Story Coordinators or Wordsmiths through the Founder Request Form for consideration through the site’s editorial review process. 

Storyline Process

New Storylines: Story Coordinators choose an Age/Point on the Timeline and submit a premise statement through the Founder Request Form. After the premise is reviewed through the editorial review process the request will be approved or denied. If approved, a new Storyline will be added and the Story Coordinator may invite Wordsmiths to participate in the Storyline.

Ongoing Storylines: WordSmiths should check the first post in the Storyline they want to write in and contact the Story Coordinator to request allowance into the Storyline.

Regarding References to Fantasy

The Appogia storyworld exists as a speculative-future extension of our own real world. Much of what has occurred in our history, is in Appogia’s history. Future technology, e.g. faster-than-light travel or the time-bending longevity molecule, all centers on empirical scientific believability, not the supernatural or magical. Appogia at its core is science fiction. Characters in the Second thru Fourth Ages might believe that they are communing with elemental spirits or invoking other-dimensional powers, but the writers & readers must understand that these characters live within a superstition devolved from their space-faring ancestors’ knowledge of physical science.

In short: aliens, not elves & dragons; technology, not magic; and interstellar space, not mystic realms. References to HeroicHigh or Low Fantasy should be filtered through Appogia’s roots in Gritty Fantasy expressed through a realm grounded in science fiction.

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