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Omniscient Timeline.
Omniscient Timeline: A Visual History of Appogia

First Age – Rites of Passage ( -100 BSE to 0 ) (Notable First Age Events) | Genre: " Sci-Fi Stories of the years after the colony ship, Amari Star, leaves Earth, including political intrigues that necessitated creation of all Sol System Collective’s colony ships, and those influences that may have been carried over by various factions on the colony ship Amari Star whose passengers eventually become the seeds of future Appogian tribes. Events during the 100 year voyage of the Amari Star including those leading up to the Halliver encounter resulting in emergency pod launches and the ship’s subsequent destruction.

Second Age - Survival: The Dark Centuries ( 0 to 200 ASE) | Genre: Survivalist / Sci-Fi Stories up to 100 years after the Colony ship pods crash on Appogia Colonists against the elements of the new planet, intrigues between themselves, struggles for order, breakdown of their society, stories up to the period of Darkness.

Third Age - Legend & Myth ( 200 ASE to 800 ASE ) | Genre: Heroic / Low Fantasy / Sci-Fi Era of Tribes ( 200 ASE to 500 ASE )  -  Era of Kingdoms ( 500 ASE to 800 ASE ) Early Appogia, stories from the beginning after the Darkeness 100 years after the first tribes emerged to Early Middle ages. Period of legends and myth of the early men of Appogia.

Fourth Age - Era of Empires: Champions ( 800 ASE to 1100 ASE ) | Genre: Epic / Heroic / Low Fantasy/Sci-Fi Appogia’s present - end of the Early Middle Ages, beginning of the High Middle Ages- roughly Year 1000 in human years.


Comparable Human History
Notable First Age Events

Note Regarding References to Fantasy: The Appogia storyworld exists as a speculative-future extension of our own real world. Much of what has occurred in our history, is in Appogia’s history. Future technology, e.g. faster-than-light travel or the time-bending longevity molecule, all centers on empirical scientific believability, not the supernatural or magical. Appogia at its core is science fiction. Characters in the Second thru Fourth Ages might believe that they are communing with elemental spirits or invoking other-dimensional powers, but the writers & readers must understand that these characters live within a superstition devolved from their space-faring ancestors’ knowledge of physical science.  In short: aliens, not elves & dragons; technology, not magic; and interstellar space, not mystic realms.  References to Heroic, High or Low Fantasy should be filtered through Appogia's roots in Gritty Fantasy expressed through a realm grounded in science fiction.